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After the Albury City Council decides to have a heritage assessment on the Albury Uiver, its fate will be decided by the incoming councilors. Border Mail

Albury Uiver - Historic DC-2 Aircraft

A local team of professionals and volunteers are committed to the heritage, preservation & restoration of the aircraft we call “Albury’s Uiver”.

“The historical significance of this DC-2, one of only three in Australia, makes it a Heritage landmark forever linked with the history of the 1934 Uiver emergency-landing in Albury.”

Members of the Albury community, in Partnership with Albury City Staff, Council and a growing list of local businesses are joining us - to accomplish our goal of a “Permanent home and Heritage attraction for Albury’s Uiver”.

Providing the City an opportunity to, cost-effectively, ensure the safety of the current airframe; and retain it in a highly-prominent location in secure facilities for a 20 year period.

Ongoing community activities with The Friends Of The Cumberoona, Uiver, Educational institutions and other community groups will provide regular cash-flow for Uiver-related projects; while our working-group will ensure ongoing accountability to the City.

Heritage Status for the airframe will ensure it has a permanent connection to Albury and will assist the City with ongoing Heritage efforts; and DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) Status for the Company will further profit the initiative.

If Albury City match community funds collected, and those funds be complimented by Grant submissions and matched tax-deductible discounts from local businesses working on individual Uiver projects, we can achieve preservation-goals faster.

The Trust is eligible for Heritage Grants from NSW and the Australian Government. Council involvement with the Library and Museum and existing Uiver-related organizations are urged to amalgamate also; facilitating minimal start-up and coordinating currently unfocussed efforts.

Local business is key; many different local companies have already registered their interest in the project and we urge you to join us. Businesses can bid competitively, profit from the work and receive Tax benefits for discounting their invoices.

An “ongoing, self-funding Uiver attraction in Albury, protected both physically and historically”.

Albury’s Uiver is “a badged, serial numbered 1934 DC-2, authentic in every way with the exception of it’s current engines and numerous missing interior parts; the airframe is in ‘fragile condition although visibly acceptable’.”

While the "real Uiver" was flying in the 1934 Air-Race, our DC-2 started it's working life in Chicago, flying to New York daily from 1934 with a host of historic figures on-board until 1940; when it was sent to the RAAF to serve in WWII. Serving in Sqds 34 and 36, our DC-2 saved lives and contributed to the war effort until it was retired after the war.

Let's never use that word "replica" again; our DC-2 (acquired thanks to the West Albury Rotary Club) pre-dates the actual Uiver by some months; and is only 1 of 3 in Australia, 1 of 8 in the World.

If Albury had 1 of 8 Panda bears in the world - we'd all be growing bamboo - let's treat our Uiver with the care it deserves also.

Please contact us .. let us know how you want to be involved .. we need your time, talent and any money you can donate to show our collective commitment to the preservation and safety of Albury's Uiver.

Hi Guys

As the Submission Coordinator of the Albury-Uiver plan currently under scrutiny by Albury City Council, it was with great pride I met with our very concerned and interested "opposite numbers" in Holland today.

My meeting with Henk ven den Os & Raymond Oostergo; Curators of "The Uiver" DC-2 at the Aviodrome in Leylystad, lasted 5 hours and included detailed discussions on how we may play host to them in Albury to honour the 80th Anniversary of the Uiver's landing in Albury (planned for 2014).

The Albury team is proposing the Dutch DC-2 fly to Albury for the 2014 event; which will coincide with our efforts in Albury to complete a hangar for our DC-2. We believe we will be able to arrange 3 "Uivers" in Albury and a large-scale aviation event; assuming all goes well with our Submission to Albury Council.

We had the honour of presenting the "Welcome to Country" plaque - from the traditional owners of Albury, the Wiradjuri people; and have enclosed photo's of the ceremony, which took place under the wing of The Uiver.

The Aviodrome have a fully operational DC-2, as well as numerous historic aircraft which have been faithfully restored. Their insight and information is a priceless addition to the Albury efforts to save their historic monument, provided to the City by the West Albury Rotary Club.

Our meeting was very comprehensive and covered al the aspects of our Albury submission to Council regarding our rare DC-2 and it's restoration.

Both the Aviodrome and the Friends of the Uiver team have agreed to work closely together regarding all aspects of our restoration and fund-raising.

The Aviodrome have given us a "kit" they used for fund-raising for their own efforts over the past years, which has been successful in raising dramatic amounts of money.

The DC-2 at the Aviodrome, like all DC-2's called "The Uiver" to honour the 1934 landing in Albury, is valued at 1.8M Euros. The Albury DC-2, unrestored, was valued today at 180K Euros.

Canadian author, Colin Hayward, was in attendance also. Mr. Hayward is writing a novel on The Uiver's life from the start of the MacPherson Robertson Air Race until it's crash in the Iraq desert in December 1934. The Uiver's spectacular landing in Albury on 29th October, 1934 is a defining moment for KLM and aviation in general; certainly throughout Australia. Mr. Hayward is one of three Authors who have been in contact with the Albury submission team from the Friends of the Cumberoona; and has donated money to the saving of the plane for Albury.

I would like to personally thank all the people of Albury who have signed up to help the Uiver efforts. So far 80 people have committed their time, money and skill already to ensure the Monument is permanently secured in Albury for future generations. Without their support and passion towards this Icon, this trip and joining across the Oceans would not have been possible.

I will be in France until early June, returning to the Aviodrome to meet other team-members on June 5. During this time, please address any questions of comments to Jeff Sawyer,

Nigel Leith
Submission Coordinator
The Albury Uiver

Refundable Donations’ tax deductible

Full refund if we do not succeed

Deposit at any Hume Building Society Branch
“Friends of Cumberoona inc. Uiver”

ACCOUNT 111184986

It’s for you grandkids too.

For more information about the Albury Uiver Fundrasing please call Jeoff 0422 203 044

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